The Doula Fund Partners With LoyaltyFunding

Hey everyone! We'd like you to check something out for us.

Recently, The Doula Fund has partnered with LoyaltyFunding, to generate donations from the money you spend anyway. Here's how it works: each month, you would purchase, say, $300 in gift cards that you would use to make your usual monthly purchases (Think Gas, Groceries, Costco, Walmart, Tim Hortons and Starbucks) you purchase the cards from LoyaltyFunding and they give you the same $300 in grocery cards. Here’s the best part – on top of that 3% gets donated to The Doula Fund. (AND you get a tax receipt for the 3%!) The donation comes from the discount that LoyaltyFunding receives from the you are literally donating to charity without it costing you anything!

There are plenty of stores that are connected with LoyaltyFunding, for your gas, groceries and other things that are regular purchases. It’s simple, effective and will help us help people.

This is a way you can make a real difference in the world, and it won't cost you a dime. On top of that, if you're looking to keep a budget, it's a going to help a lot with that too.

You can get started right away by going to or if you have more questions about LoyaltyFunding, go to and pick a time for a someone to give you a call.