The Waiting Game Begins

Our Story So Far:

Somewhere around two years ago, an idea was launched. There are so many new, young, and/or economically disadvantaged young women who are delivering babies alone, without any emotional help or support. Many of these girls go through pregnancy and childbirth alone, without any physical or emotional supports in place. That's where Doulas and The Doula Fund come in.

Certified Doulas are highly trained, non-medical, professionals who can provide physical assistance and emotional support to labouring mothers and their families. A Doula will serve her clients with a vast array of creative and individualized care, be it childbirth preparedness, teaching comfort measures, breastfeeding support, or postpartum support. They provide reassurance and companionship, comfort and encouragement.  Through continued education, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skill in an effort to enhance the overall experience surrounding childbirth for all involved.

It's an incredibly taxing vocation and calling, but one that doulas love and are incredibly passionate about. The reality is, though, it's difficult to make a living as a doula. This is especially true if you are serving a segment of the population that isn't typically capable of affording your services.

This is why The Doula Fund was created. Thanks to your generous donations and support, we will be able to provide doula care to these same socially and economically disadvantaged women by providing the funding for their doulas. Every doula deserves to earn a living and every woman who wants a doula should have access to one. We’re hoping that by working together we can make that happen!

Exciting News

After a little over 18 months of work, and planning we have officially submitted our documents to the CRA for charitable status! We hear it’s an 8-12 month wait from here on out, but if we are approved, we will be able to issue tax reciepts to all of our generous donors.

Join Us

We raise these funds through sales of TDF merchandiseone time donations, and monthly contributions. Through your support, we will be able to help women and families all over the Niagara region and, in time hopefully, beyond!