We Are Almost There! Join The Village!

In mid-2016, an idea was hatched. To provide funding for doula care. We didn't know how we'd do it, but we knew we'd need help. We knew we'd need a village. We launched this website in early 2017, started gathering a team, and shared our vision with you. In 2018 we applied to the CRA for charitable status, and in 2019, we were approved. Those were all major milestones, but there's one last milestone we haven't yet reached: our first supported birth. 

We're close though, and we can't do it without you.

As of this writing, we are more than 85% of the way to our very first goal: Providing for Doula care to a mom who needs it. To get there we need your help. Without your generous donations and support, we won't be able to provide doula care to the socially and economically disadvantaged women in our region by providing the funding for their doulas. As much as they would love to, doulas can't give their services away for free. We believe every doula deserves to earn a living and every woman who wants a doula should have access to one. With your help, and by working together we can make that happen!

To help us out, you can make a donation, become a regular donor, or buy some merch, re can't do this without you, because it takes a village.